Special Issue: Music and Health




Antonia Ivaldi
Jane Ginsborg
Clemens Woellner



Kristie S. Kava
Cathy A. Larson
Christine H. Stiller
Sara F. Maher


Trunk endurance exercise and the effect on instrumental performance: a preliminary study comparing Pilates exercise and a trunk and proximal upper extremity endurance exercise program (Vol. 3.1, 1-30).

Christian Bernhard


A survey of burnout among college music majors: a replication (Vol. 3.1, 31-41).

Melissa Dobson



Performing your self? Autonomy and self-expression in the work of jazz musicians and classical string players (Vol. 3.1, 42-60).

Lili Allsop
Tim Ackland


The prevalence of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders in relation to piano players’ playing techniques and practising strategies (Vo1. 3.1, 61-78).

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Stephen Clift
Grenville Hancox


The significance of choral singing for sustaining psychological wellbeing: findings from a survey of choristers in England, Australia and Germany (Vol. 3.1, 79-96).