CONTENTS VOL. 5, including
CMPCP / Performance Studies Network
Special Issue


Jane Ginsborg



David J. Wright
Paul S. Holmes
Martin Blain
Dave Smith
  Preliminary evidence for reduced cortical activity in experienced guitarists during performance preparation for simple scale playing (Vol. 5, 2-11)
Tanja Orning
  Pression – a performance study (Vol. 5, 12-31)
John Rink
  Guest Editorial (Vol. 5, 32-33)
Mine Doğantan-Dack
  The art of research in live music performance (Vol. 5, 34-48)
Alan Maddox
  The performance of affect in recitativo semplice (Vol. 5, 49-58)
Michael Callahan
  Incorporating long-range planning into the pedagogy of Baroque-style keyboard improvisation (Vol. 5, 59-78)
Sophie Grimmer
  Creativity in perpetual motion: Listening in the development of expertise in the Karnatic classical singing tradition of South India (Vol. 5, 79-95)
Roger Heaton
  Contemporary performance practice and tradition (Vol. 5, 96-104)