including Performance and Analysis
Special Issue

Mine Dogantan-Dack
Jane Ginsborg
Ana Llorens
  Recorded asynchronies, structural dialogues: Brahms's Adagio Affettuoso, Op. 99ii, in the hands of Casals and Horszowski
Cecilia Oinas
  Harmonic evasions and their shaping in performance: The opening movement of Schumann's G minor Trio
Uri Golomb
  Doubting the Resurrection? Questions and dilemmas in performances of the first 'et expecto' from Bach's Mass in B minor
Amanda Bayley
Neil Heyde
  Communicating through notation: Michael Finnissy's Second String Quartet from composition to performance
Andrew Sutherland
  School and university collaboration: A case study of a performance of Britten's War Requiem
Patricia Holmes
  Towards a conceptual framework for resilience research in music training and performance: A cross-discipline review